COMMERCIAL "FINE ART" PHOTOGRAPHY :  Creating Artistic images for business.

Having worked with many talented visual communicators as a commercial photographer, I now use my experience and knowledge to help businesses improve how they communicate with photography. I have a special interest in working with small companies, especially "Green" companies who are keen to grow and improve their impact within the market place.

Inventive and imaginative images of your products, services, premises, and personal will evoke a favourable reaction towards your company. The great increase in Social Media and exposure to photography makes it very important for all to present striking images that Stand out from the crowd.

Behind great photographs that are sucessfully commercially, exists many good ideas, expert skills and much hard work. Please contact if you would like a friendly chat to see if I can help you to improve your companies visual image.




                      Introduce happy and proud personal with portraits that show how their expertise and professionalism is valued.


                     Display photographic images of your products in an exciting and eye-catching way.



                    Present your companies premises and location in an artistic way to impress and intrigue your clients.



As well as creating and producing images for Advertising and promoting with Social Media, etc, this photography can also be framed and displayed as Art within your companies premises.

People, places, products, or any special requests. From a single image to a series, Art photography specially designed to reflect and represent your company. If this sounds interesting I would be very pleased to meet with you to discuss ideas !




                              The following images have been taken specially for Social Media, photography requiring a minumum amount of pre and post production work is produced at a much lower daily rate.

Clients include :  The Body Shop, Boner & Blad, Clas Ohlson, COOP, Elon, Cervera, Nilson, Vero Moda, etc.

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