With this project ”Searching with Solitude” my intention was never to produce just pretty pictures but to capture the emotion I felt when viewing the scene in front of my camera.

So my intention with my ”notes” is to give the viewer an insight into what I thought and felt when taking the photo.


Årstabron, Stockholm, built 1929, stately, still able to outshine it’s surroundings and the waters

it stands upon. Years of good service means little to the demands of a modern city. Soon to be accompanied by a young usurpa whose presence may not enhance the feelings that bridge the

gap between a man-made construction and nature.



Without movement and signs of emotion but able to create an expression of freedom. The freedom to search for our soul and be who we are.


Cold, still and alone, a sign of death. Where do we go from here ? In nature’s circle of life, winter is followed by spring a time of warmth, light and new life.


As the mists of the Autumn morning clear, with tall masts and flags flying, Chapman proudly dominates Stockholm’s harbour. Basking in her own glory, once she sailed the high seas, now in her old age content to be a spectacle, an attraction and hostel for visitors.


The distant sounds of traffic and city life, a warm gentle breeze. A pleasant stroll around central Stockholm, especially late on a summers evening when the night sky never loses it’s glow.


A shimmering shield of nine stately trees. That if painted by Monet would be more revered than the old mechanical lift system that over looks and attempts to over shadow them.


Like moths we are drawn to the light. Many believe there could be something better waiting for us on the otherside. Is the effort to climb going to be worth it ?  I hope so.


These standing stones are modern, they represent a tradition from the past. As well as reminding us of the past they can also remind us of our future and where we are going. Back to the earth itself.


An internationally renowned venue for hosting the Nobel prize banquet every year. Accordingly it's one of Stockholm's major tourist sights, probably the most photographed building in Stockholm. Fortunately this brick building is visually inhanced by it's water side location.


Screeching, swirling, searching, surviving, seagulls, Stockholmers. An inquisitive individual stops and takes time to investigate. Rewarded not with food but with immortality, a portrait.


An important bridge that spans a large volume of water within central Stockholm. The southern water front still harbours large areas of nature for the pleasure of the locals.


Flourishing within the many areas where land and water meet. Nature softens the hard realities of modern city life, adding beauty and creating a feeling that man does not have exclusive rights and total control over all he surveys.



As the water passes from the stillness of lake Mälaren to the calm waters of the Archipelego it flows past the Riksdag, the goverment buildings. One day a contented smooth flowing stream, another day a tubulant and distrubtive volume of water in defiant mood, attempting to contribute it’s own opinion to the democratic process.



Airport located just north Stockholm. Space, travel and freedom, are important components for many Swedish persons, maybe factors that are built-in to their DNA.

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